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TOB – First Prototype

Here’s some stuff I gotta do.

  1. Visual Studio set up
  2. Sprite loading
  3. Sprite animation
  4. Animation description format (txt)
  5. Animation loading
  6. Level displaying (tiles)
  7. Tile description format (txt)
  8. Level description format (txt)
  9. Level loading
  10. Level editor (basic)
  11. Controller movement
  12. Collide with level tiles
  13. Run
  14. Jump

The tile description format will have a list of the tiles and their component .png files, which will then be referenced in the level description format so that it can be enumerated simply.

The format might look like so (tiles with multiple frames are for a fancy-tile format that I made up):

TileName   Frames  “path.png”
BrickTiles   9 “tiles/bricks-9-3-3.png”
SmallPlant  1 “tiles/smallplant.png”

The level might look like this:
Tiles “tiles/tiles.txt”
. Background
b BrickTiles
p SmallPlant
Level 30 20

The animation format will probably look something like this:

Idle    frames 0    0     loop 0    // Loops infinite times
Walk  frames 10   19   loop 0    // Loops infinite times
Stun  frames 20   24   loop 1    // Runs once then stops
Stand frames 25  29   loop 1    // Runs once then stops

The level editor will also need a sort of collision hull editor and way to edit the non-architecture layers, including gameplay cues and monster drops, and so on.