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Grocery Panic Development, Pt. 1


Just starting work on a recent idea: Don’t put the cans on top of the bread. That’s the gameplay behind this simple tetris-clone where you pack groceries into a paper bag. Each item has a weight, strength, and shape (flavor? price?). If you put an item on another item, if the weight is greater than the other item’s strength, the weak item is squished.


Watermelon – 4 Strength, 4 Weight
Can O’ Soup – 4 Strength, 3 Weight
Cereal – 3 Strength, 2 Weight
Eggs – 2 Strength, 2 Weight
Banana – (Tastes delicious and has an odd shape) 2 Strength, 2 Weight
Bread – 1 Strength, 1 Weight

You can put a can on a cereal box, and a cereal box on a can. You can put a box on some eggs, but not on bread. If you put a watermelon on a loaf of bread you are a fool. The groceries will come down off of a conveyor belt, and you move and rotate them in the style of Tetris. Once the bag is full, you get points for each item in the bag, demerits for holes in the middle, and NO TIPS whatsoever. This is a union store, buddy.

That’s it for now, here are some pieces of art that I didn’t crop: