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Perlenspiel: Mow Problems

Here’s my latest hit Perlenspiel game, Mow Problems. In this game, you play a lawnmower that shoots clippings out of the right side of your mechanisms when you mow over a patch of grass. You have to mow all of the green squares, but don’t let too many clippings land on one square, or else it will become impassable.

Your task is made more easier or more difficult by the things that people like to put in their lawns. Trees block your path, but you can put as many clippings on them as you’d like. Pools aren’t allowed to have clippings in them at all. Can you mow all 10 lawns without going crazy?

The below area is an iframe, so you can play the game right here! Click on the L1-L10 buttons to play the levels.

Some action shots:


Perlenspiel: Checkers

I spent part of today recreating the game of Checkers in Perlenspiel. The biggest challenge was to implement the forced moves and multi-jumps. The source code is 396 lines of code, although I’ve removed the unused Perlenspiel functions by moving them into a wrapper .js file. If you want to use this source code in the downloadable Perlenspiel, you’ll have to add those empty functions back in. Don’t mind the garish colors I chose!

Play here: http://diehrstraits.com/games/Checkers/

Source: http://diehrstraits.com/games/Checkers/game.js

Checkers game in progress.