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ExSphere is a game I made for a project in Professor Laird's Game Development course at the University of Michigan. It took a total of three weeks, including all programming, art, and sound.

The goal of the game is to destroy all of the destructible blocks on each level. This includes everything except the indestructible walls, skulls, and power ups.

There is a level editor, and if you make some cool levels (in the unsupported, but included, editor), or any comments/suggestions, send them to me at mdiehr@gmail.com.

Here are some screenshots, there are more at the bottom of the page.

Minimum tested specs (40-60 FPS full screen):

1.1 GHz Celeron
256 MB RAM
GeForce 420 MX
Keyboard, Mouse, Display, Power Cord, etc

Q. I'm ready to play it, after years of training and studying the manual. Where do I get it?
A. Download it here (~4.6M Self Extracting EXE)
Or, Download it here (~5.0M ZIP Archive)

Q. Why doesn't it work?
A. Sometimes it just doesn't work. Sorry. You can try the following things to fix it, however:

1. You must Install the DirectX August 2005 Update (Included in the archive).
2. The monitor's resolution must be at least 1024x768.
3. You must own a reasonable computer.
4. The file you double-click on is in the /bin/ folder.

If it doesn't work after following these steps I'm afraid there isn't much I can do to help you.

Here are some screenshots. (Click for big)

© 2005 Mark Diehr