Game Idea: Building Controller

A planning failure has left a nearby construction project almost complete, but the company that will be leasing it has very strong efficiency, water, energy, and security concerns that must be addressed.

As a building automation controls engineer, your job is to make this building smart enough to improve all of the above categories, which will save the leasing company money in the long run.

At your disposal are various kinds of sensors that can be used almost anywhere, and they can be used to control different aspects of the building to keep things running smoothly. You’ll have to design a robust system that can handle all 7 days of the week, including any special events or circumstances that may drastically raise or lower the amount of people present.

Gameplay items:

  • Monitor usage to increase or decrease the temperature of a particular floor or area
  • Lock or unlock particular doors on a time cycle
  • Set up elevator park locations and other behaviors
  • Dim or shut off lights in areas that aren’t being used, or have enough natural light

One thought on “Game Idea: Building Controller”

  1. Sounds like a great idea! It could be the model of the “smart cities of the future.” When will it not be finished?

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