ExSphere for Windows Phone

Here’s an early build: Link to download .xap file

Controls: Tap and hold to guide the ball to a particular horizontal position. The ball travels vertically on its own – you can’t control that axis of motion.

Goal: Break all of the bricks on the level, other than walls, skulls, and “key” blocks. You need to have the specific “key”  block activated in order to destroy most block types.

White blocks: You start out each level with the ability to break these, but there’s no key block for them, so you have to get them all first before attempting any other block types.

Ice blocks: You can always destroy these, regardless of which key block you’ve hit.

Red Bricks, Stone Blocks, Grey Bricks, Wood Boxes: These are the “Normal” types of blocks with key blocks available whenever they are present on a level.

Gold bricks: These have a key block, but with a restriction that you can’t switch back to another key block after hitting one. Because of this, you should attempt these bricks last, after clearing every other brick type (with the exception of ice blocks).

Skull blocks: You lose a life and restart at the spawn point. Your key block is reset to white.

Here are some brief instructions from the old PC version, in case the above is confusing: http://diehrstraits.com/md/exsphere/img/screen06.jpg

Since the Windows Phone version is still fresh, there isn’t a HUD to show your current key block, so you have to remember it. Thankfully, the levels are pretty small!

Let me know in the comments what you think.

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